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Anne Marathon

Age: 17

Anne is the twin and sister of Orion Marathon. She plans on going to ANO University to study Theater to becomes the greatest movie actress known to man-kind. While having a side Hussle in being a

K-Pop musician. Anne is known to be smart, daring, and trustworthy to all of her friends and family members. Including the class representative Lily McGlover.   However, now her main goal is to help investigate with Lily and her brother to stop the president from keep her away from her own dream.

Class Rep. Lily McGlover

Age: 18

Lily is a foreign exchange student, who met the Marathon twins during their first year at university. She became a mentor for the twins and took them on daring adventures from time to time. However, rumors around the university has it, that Lily might know magic and is on a secret mission in order to figure out the president evil plan. The only thing that the twins know is that it has to involve an endless time-loop and he MUST be stopped.

Orion Marathon

Age: 17

Orion is the twin and Brother of Anne Marathon. He is usually quiet and to himself, until you give him a video game or anime to read.  Rumor has it, that Orion is able to solve any puzzle by using his

'Game Codex'. Orion is really smart, but has that fattest crush on Lily McGlover. Anytime she is around or speaks to him, Orion always begins to freeze up on what he is currently doing or goes into hiding. Let's hope the president doesn't reveal that he has a crush on her.

President Von Piere

Age: 47

President Von Piere is a dashing dark elf vampire, who is trying to keep the students from ever leaving the university. Though Lily is on his trail to discovering his evil plot to keep his students in a time loop, He keeps himself close to the student from any suspicions. Especially, the Marathon twins to hide his cover. The magic the principal holds now is still a mystery, but he does plan on using it to create the time loop he is looking for. 

Rumors has it that the president of the university can be really persuasive.

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