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Here are the top common asked question that have been asked during our convention. If yo have your very own question do not be afraid to contact us through email.

Where should I park?

On the weekends at Bowling Green State University (when Animarathon is held) parking is free in most parking lots (especially the ones in front of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union).


Where can I eat?

There is a food court on the first floor of the Union where Animarathon is held which sells Tacos, Asian Cuisine, Burgers, Fries, Subs, Chicken, and Smoothies. Late night on campus dining options includes Tacos in the union, and the Kreischer quadrangle restaurants which offers burgers, Mexican, Italian, and breakfast food for dinner. The Pub 1910 in the Union has fancier food and some alcohol on tap. Please set aside at least an hour while eating here. Next door to Animarathon is The Oaks, an all you care to eat dining hall. The Oaks has a variety of options with a rotating menu, and has marked vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. There are a variety of dining options off campus, many of which are open late.


Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes! Just connect to the BGSU Guest Wi-Fi network "BGSU Guest"! Please note that connecting to the BGSU wireless network requires a cell phone for SMS authentication. (Please note, with the influx of con attendees, Wi-Fi may be slow, thank you for your understanding)


When should I wear my badge?

While at Animarathon you are encouraged to always wear your badge, so it is not lost in an accident! However, you might want to remove your badge for photoshoots or other reasons. If you do remove your badge, be sure NOT to lose your badge! Animarathon can't replace lost or missing badges! The areas where you need a badge are official Animarathon events including Panels, Special Event Rooms, and the Artists Alley. Wearing your badge in hallways, the food court, and anywhere outside of the Student Union, is recommended but not required.


Where can I sleep at night?

Bowling Green has many hotels just off campus.


Why can't Animarathon use the 4th Floor?

The 4th Floor of the Student Union is a designated quiet study area and can't be rented. We ask that guests do not visit the 4th floor.


Where is Animarathon?

Animarathon is held in the BGSU Student Union, which is in Bowling Green Ohio.


What is Pre-Registration?

Pre-registration gets you a guaranteed badge for Animarathon. In addition to a guaranteed badge, guests who VIP pre-register receive bonus items as well.


Why does Animarathon cost money?

While BGSU does help us with many functions, they cannot be expected to pay for everything. BGSU is an academic institution, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Renting out rooms, printing badges and brochures, purchasing food and drink, inviting special guests, and hiring Police all costs money. When it's all said and done the costs to hold Animarathon are in the ballpark of about $30,000 each year. That might seem like a large number, but it would be way larger if it weren't for the generous help of the Bowling Green community. In past years we were able to cover our costs with raffle tickets and bake sales, however as Animarathon grew, some years were unable to recoup our costs using this method. To guarantee our ability to keep hosting Animarathons we had to start charging a modest admission fee. Keeping Animarathon accessible to everyone is important to us, so we do our best to keep the admission prices at about the price of a fancy meal. Please keep in mind that other conventions may often charge more than $30 for admission. To make Animarathon truly accessible to all, we also give anyone who volunteers for two hours or more each day free admission!

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