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Want a Free Badge?

We are looking for volunteers to help support our efforts in running our convention! Volunteers will help or monitor each program that needs support while also enforcing Animarathon's rules around the Student Union at Bowling Green State University.

Completion of expectations can result in a free badge to Animarathon if the volunteer works up to or past 6 hours. 

Volunteer Requirements

  • All Volunteer staff members must be sixteen years of age or older. Only Volunteers aged 18+ may staff 18+ rated panels.

  • Volunteers, when not attending to duties assigned, must be able and willing to assist their fellow volunteers should the need arise. As an example, if someone else did not show up at their assigned time to watch a room, you may be required to fill in for them.

  • Volunteers must be able and willing to provide general security and report problems to ANO officers. Volunteer Security focuses on non-violent, non-criminal incidents, and reports serious incidents to the BGSU police instead.

  • In the event you are unable to attend Animarathon as a Volunteer, you must give a 7 day's notice so that we can make the appropriate adjustments to our staffing.

  • When our volunteer coordinator contacts you, please reply as soon as possible.

  • If we find you are not completing your duties, you will have to pay for your badge or be blacklisted from our volunteer list.

  • Please note that you will have to volunteer for at least 6 hours throughout the weekend if you want to receive a free general badge.

  • To volunteer, individuals should have a positive standing in the community. We may conduct background checks as needed to ensure the safety and integrity of our organization and the communities we serve.

Please advise that as a volunteer you uphold the rules of the Animarathon Staff and convention as a whole. Failure to adhere to these standards will result in the immediate removal of your volunteer position and the convention, as well as being blacklisted from any future events we hold.

We want to make sure that you are comfortable as well! Please be sure to contact us if there's anything you'd like to know prior to the event (i.e. can't stand for too long, need to have a break, etc.) 


If you'd like to volunteer and the hours posted aren't working out, feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns!

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